My Adventure to TRISANTONA Land

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I thought that you might like to read about my adventure on Wednesday down south to TRISANTONA Land, and it is ALL true.
Tuesday night I was in Coldstream visiting Lodge St. John Coldstream No.280 for a Scottish Constitution 3rd Degree.  They are still a potential RLA joiner – wait until next year though.
It was a cold bright morning when I set off at 9am to head for the Tyne Tunnel, a journey of 15 miles, and this is where the trouble started.  45mins later I still have not got to the Toll Booths due to major roadworks just North of its approach where an underpass is being constructed under the roundabout which is under the flyover – a mini spaghetti junction which is due to be completed March 2019.  When I did reach the Toll Booth and threw in my £1.70 I waited for the barrier to rise but no it stayed firmly down – Traffic was queueing behind me but the barrier still stayed down.  It had eaten my money and swallowed it.  I needed help and called for assistance which was a voice from the ether telling me to check the rejected coins tray – stupid idiot that was the first place I looked when the barrier failed to rise.  A little chap did come over and opened the machine to check that the correct amount had been paid – it had been but a technical glitch was the problem. He let me through and manually took monies until the cars waiting behind me were allowed through and he could isolate that point of entry.  JOY.
At Wetherby I stopped for coffee and set my satnav as I was going to make a slight detour via Chesterfield in order to pick up some “Wines” – it’s a hard life being a Secretary – for my homework.  The Wines are part of the ECW wine which is advertised in our Freemasonry Today magazine, and the ones I (with my wife’s assistance) have tried have all been excellent.  The exercise continues over this weekend.  Labels are printed with River Lodges Association as shown, my first batch had the names and numbers of the 3 Lodges in our building.
Anyway, back to my journey to Trisantona land. The satnav took me the scenic route over hill and dale but I had plenty of time and arrived at the 3 Queens hotel in Burton on Trent – just over the river from where the Lodge meets – a 10min walk which I did when finding the venue and also to get to the meeting. (I’m a keep fit freak really).
5.30pm arrived for the meeting and was made really welcome by everyone before meeting Kevin McGonigle our rep.
The PGM for Derbyshire arrived as a visitor with no team – a very relaxed approach – and he showed quite a bit of interest in the RLA and wondered why we had not flooded the province with other lodges eg Dove, etc. Kevin has this task now.
The meeting was to Pass Brother Browne which was well executed by the Master Norman Warwick assisted by other past Masters. The Tools were delivered by an Entered Apprentice who was exceptional.  The meeting concluded with me at the 3rd rising presenting Trisantona Lodge with framed copies of their Joining Certificate and also the collection of the Logos.  These were well received and displayed at the Festive Board where a bottle of Merlot with RLA labeling was also presented to Kevin and passed around, unopened, to let members see it.
The Festive Board was a great event where the banquet was served by their Catering Staff.  Raffle and other items for Charity were sold by the Junior members who were also in fine voice when firing after the Toasts.  I met one chap who originated from approx. 5 miles from where I live and another who was involved many years ago at the Factory where I have a part time job – such a strange world (glad that I put the lottery on before the meeting).  Another member of the Lodge has details of ECW as they think that it is a great idea to have their name on bottle for special occasions.  After another drink in the bar area we all said our farewells and was then driven back to the Hotel for a good nights rest.
An Excellent visit from which it is always good to be able to link with those we only usually know via emails etc
The journey home on Thursday was uneventful with enough time to rest a while before I freshened up to the drive to Alnwick for my Chapter meeting.
Thanks for allowing me to tell you my tale

Jordan Lodge 201 Charity Ball

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Jordan Lodge of Good Companions (No 201) would like to extend an invitation to the members of all River Lodges to join them at their Charity Ball on Saturday 8th October 2016 at Camden Lock, London, UK.  More details about the event can be found on the Booking Form that can be accessed from the link below.

Booking Form

Helping in the Community – Wandle Cleanup

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Sunday the 13th March 2011 saw what I hope could be the start of the type of ‘River Lodge Association activity in the community’ that  our member lodges may wish to become involved within their own localities. Together with three friends we put in three hours of activity from 11am – 3pm with the Wandle Trust, an environmental charity based in South West London dedicated to improving the quality of the River Wandle by joining other volunteers in cleaning a stretch of river bed and embankment of the years of clutter and junk.